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All new External 15-Way Jade-Massage-Heads and 2-way Jade-Massage-Heads can be directly applied to desired areas. Fully adjustable settings for temperature of internal and external unit and movement of jade heads. All settings are easily adjusted using the remote-control. Foot massage program allows users to manually set massage area. Manual-mode allows users to place massage heads in any configuration. Seven automatic programs allow users to set desired treatment time and area. contact us to schedule your appointment
The HY-7000 UM is the cutting edge in Thermal Massage Beds. The 7000 series is designed to provide a full thermal-massage treatment from head-to-toe. It has seven different operating modes and a number of new features – outlined below. THE MIGUN THERMAL MASSAGE SYSTEM Thermal Massage Systems represent the fusion of Asian andWestern Medical techniques. Inspired by the effects of Acupressure,Acupuncture, Heat-Therapy(Moxibustion), Chiropractic, and Massage, MIGUN Thermal Massage Systems provide you with total health, relaxation and balance. HEAT-THERAPY (MOXIBUSTION)The use of heat to stimulate blood flow and tissue response, also encourages overall muscle relaxation, relieves pain, and releases pollutants trapped in the musculature.
far infrared heat Migun massage system $1/minute

Migun Massage system at be in the tao

contact us to schedule your complimentary first session $15 value