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Chi Nei Tsang Teacher CNTT Universal Healing Tao UHT Chi Nei Tsang Institute Instructor Practitioner Broadview Heights 44147 Brecksville Cleveland Ohio 44141
Chi Nei Tsang Universal Healing Tao Instructor Broadview Heights 44147 CNTT UHT
Treatments available as well as classes that teach you to navigate your belly. Contact us for an appointment. 216.548.8980
•Through massage and breath the client becomes more self aware and now has choices available in lifestyle that they did now know existed.
•Unprocessed emotions trapped within the digestive system are attended t. Many psychologists have sought out CNT practitioners as physical support for their clients
•Imbalances of visceral structure and congestion of structural patterns release and seek a more healthy position and function within the abdominal cavity
•By the very nature of physical touch detoxification of abdominal contents begins
When one performs a Chi Nei Tsang treatment things begin to happen!
Chi Nei Tsang is a very old healing practice in which massage of the abdomen and meridians of the body is done with attention to breath to achieve balance in body mind and spirit. This is a process not an event... Mary Ellen will guide you to become familiar with the proper functioning of your body by movement of chi, breath, and massage  Chi Kung practice is also an important component of achieving vibrant health. She will teach you specific meditations and Medical Chi Kung movement including Tao Yin Yoga postures to support you in your healing journey as well as opportunities for classes to learn more.

what is Chi Nei tsang?

abdominal detox massage

For more information about learning this modality which is for the practitioner and individual alike go to our sister site and learn more...