Heart to Heart 07-29-14
Guest: Mary Ellen Derwis, Licensed Massotherapist, certified Hypnotherapist and Healing Tao Instructor.
Topic: As a healing arts practitioner with 20+ years of experience, Mary Ellen blends eastern and western healing techniques into a user friendly format. Mary Ellen's work is transformational. As simple as being balanced and present can change the reactions you elicit from other people and your animals. Breath work can positively affect your brain as well as tone your tummy. Who knew?! The 5 elements: Fire, Wood, Water, metal and Earth create a new understanding of solutions. It's similar to the old "rock, paper scissors" game, one affects the other.

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About be in the tao Mary Ellen Derwis Licensced Massage Therapy Workshops classes doTerra essential oils aromatherapy meditation Tao Yin Cleveland Ohio Broadview Heights 44147
“If you want to feel the best you've ever felt in your life, contact Mary Ellen. She'll heal what ails you !!! Not only is she my first choice for body work, Mary Ellen is one of those rare people of the highest ethics. She's also always educating herself and is now ready to teach all she's learned over the past almost 20 yrs. You won't be hurting anymore once you've had a treatment from Mary Ellen !!!” July 16, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity Mary Zatko, hired Mary Ellen as a Healer/Massotherapist in 1991, and hired Mary Ellen more than once
By Chris Olsen Real Estate Broker Owner with Olsen Ziegler Realty Email Short URL Share: October 18, 2009 08:20 pm Two years ago, I was having a lot of pain in a specific area of my lower back that nothing I did (stretching, Advil, posture awareness, etc.) seemed to help one bit. After months and months of realizing it wasn't getting any better, I decided to seek out the massage therapist that my wife used recently when I gave her a gift certificate for a general massage. I went to see Mary Ellen Derwis Balaz. To describe Mary Ellen as simply a licensed massage therapist is a gross simplification of this amazing woman's professional talents. She knows numerous types of massage therapies as well as a host of other related capabilities that I can't begin to fathom. Mary Ellen pinpointed my problem with the muscle and nerves affected, described how they are suppose to work, what was happening now, what she needed to do to correct the imbalance, and how long it would take to get me back to a normal state and also be pain free. In short, she was right on the mark 100%. After each session, it literally was like I was on another planet in a different dimension -- to say that just doesn't do it justice. For anyone who has been in the hands of a truly gifted and skilled licensed massage therapist knows exactly what I mean. For those of you who have never experienced this, I highly encourage you to do so, it will do wonders for your health and state of mind. It is truly mind blowing and body altering how one's body can respond to and change for the better with a skilled professional. The hot rocks were out of this world -- and at the end of each session, I think I only half knew where I was. My wife also echos the same sentiments. I can't begin to describe how intelligent, professional and with such exceptional communication skills Mary Ellen possesses. Please Note: I do NOT receive any financial or otherwise benefit from this simple recommendation from one professional to another. Moreover, I take recommendations very seriously and only recommend professionals whom I absolutely trust and Mary Ellen is one of these rare finds. Posted by Chris Olsen, Broker, Owner, REALTOR Olsen Ziegler Realty Cell: 216.702.0537 Serving the Greater Cleveland, Ohio Residential Real Estate Marketplace - See more at: http://activerain.com/blogsview/1291545/exceptionally-gifted-licensed-massage-therapist-mary-ellen-derwis-balaz-brecksville-ohio#sthash.wYDm8h9t.dpuf



Like Trying to Describe the Taste of Bananas: My Experience of the Chi Nei Tsang Class By: Margaret Miller, LMT This October I attended the Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage Class in Savannah. The class was one of the most unique classes I have ever attended. Educated in three different ‘energy’ techniques, including CranioSacral, this was my first class combining hands on working with meridians. I found Mary Ellen Derwis-Balaz a remarkably gifted teacher. These are a few of her quotes: “There is nothing new under the Sun. It’s all the same thing.” “Most of what I teach, whether you remember, you already know.” “Everyone is unique. Chi Nei Tsang does not measure by centimeters. Every therapist will work differently.” “Intent is the primary modality. Use gentle, nonintrusive contact.” “The breath is essential for bringing in the Chi.” There was structure and sequence in the class, but it wasn’t ridgid. I found the work comfortable to give and receive. My classmates had a variety of experiences and had no problems following instructions. I do hope that Mary Ellen will be able to fill a certification class in Georgia. I want to take the class, not for the CE hours, but for the knowledge of this unique modality.

testimonials for Mary ellen derwis lmt our ohio state licensed massage therapist providing Massage therapy in Independence Ohio


What can I say about an experience that is life altering in a gentle, subtle, comforting way that transcends words? Well here goes...I have been a client of Mary Ellen's for many years (off and on ) due to many transitions in both our lives. The first sessions with Mary Ellen come to mind for me because I was so anxious and fearful to be touched, comforted, or soothed but my entire being needed it so profoundly! Mary Ellen is a professional who has such experience, integrity, and such a gift to help people connect with their own healing intuition and she believes in our power to do so if we are open to it! She is the guide and we follow....she makes it easy! The space where you start this journey is so lovely and feels to me like a safe cocoon ...you are just drawn into the nurturing space and let go ...less is more once again! She is so humble in the work she does always allowing your mind, body, and spirit to take its' own path ..she is on the journey with you. I mention this because for me this is what makes the experience so different from others I have had and it's a very important difference because I leave with a sense of empowerment about my health, my life and my well being. Mary Ellen works through massage using many different modalities she has learned and teaches others, including Rieki which is something (much to my surprise) you can even practice on yourself! Long story short ...a session with Mary Ellen goes beyond the time spent in her sanctuary there ..it follows you home and you can't wait to get back for more! She never stops learning and growing in her practice and inspires me! Lynne H
“Whether your needs are individual, corporate, or educational, I will work with you to create a program that meets those needs in the tao. “
Stress management plans for the corporate sector and private individuals are tailored to meet individual needs. Your individual needs.
At be in the tao Mary Ellen provides an eclectic collection of modalities and tools to decrease the stress levels in your life. She has training in Cranial Sacral, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Neuromuscular Massage, Myofascial Release, SomatoEmotional Release, Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, SRT, Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Chi Nei Tsang, deep tissue massage and Thai massage on the table.
“I have worn many hats! Worked at world class spas such as Kahala Mandarin Oriental, sports facilities such as the Honolulu Club, Several Chiropractic offices around the country, and now have my own private practice. 22 years of experience gives one many opportunities to learn and hone one’s skills. When someone comes to me we approach their needs within the 5 element model of Taoism. (fire ,water, earth, wood, fire) This approach allows room for true personal growth and healing at one’s own pace. Weekly classes provide support. Workshops provide learning opportunities for therapists to look at healing modalities with a different perspective and ultimately integrate them into their private practice.

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