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Be in the tao llc

4807 Rockside Road Suite 400

Suite 400 Independence, Ohio 44131

licensed massage therapist #5865 providing massage therapy in Independence, located at be in the tao in Independence, Ohio 44131 provides: chi nei tsang, tao yin beginners yoga, meditation, hypnosis, Aromatherapy, workshops classes and wellness plans that support your individual needs
CE provider NCBTMB 451057-09 Universal Healing Tao Full Instructor Chi Nei Tsang Teacher


pain is a universal language... it speaks through the body mind and spirit - and when present,  it affects them all. 
Pain calls attention to a need to relax, to repair, to renew...heed pain's whisper, and it will fall into silent reassurance that all is well...
Ignore its plea, and it will persist... increasing in volume,  ...invading your body - mind - consciousness... until it dominates.
Mary Ellen Derwis knows how to listen.... She is fluent in the languages of pain and knows how to communicate and quiet them
...with touch,   breath... and  mindfulness.

Discover your true self

providing meditation, guided imagery and hypnosis sessions as self discovery tools

essential oils

become the healer ... your own home you can purchase and print right from your paypal account so that your gift is never late again for any reason...

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East meets West

Mary Ellen Derwis Lmt provides insight into the complexities of eastern and western wellness techniques. New issue for October online now

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Be in The Tao Massage therapy in independence Ohioprovides licensed massage therapist #5865

...redefine your expectations of wellness

 chi nei tsang massage therapy reiki tao yin yoga meditation hypnosis doTerra essential oils workshops classes and wellness plans that support your individual needs